Our Strategy

Our Investment Strategy, the heart of our business

We specialise in development and investing in existing properties to which we can add significant value through hands-on asset management. Our portfolio of standing assets and products has a projected end value of more than £180 million, which we are looking to increase to £240 million in the coming years.

We target development projects with lot sizes of between £5 million and £20 million with a 18 to 36-month investment horizon. As a private company, we do not have the constraints of many other property investors, allowing us to move swiftly and decisively when identifying an investment opportunity.

We value our long-standing relationships in the real estate industry, regard it as a cornerstone of our investment strategy, and are always open to building new partnerships.

For further information, please contact Simon Hosking at +44 (0) 788 435 2103 or email him.

We are currently seeking project opportunities across London, with a minimum end value of £5m but no upper limit.

For investment enquiries, please email simon@boultbeeLDN.co.uk



We invest directly or work with joint venture partners to develop apartment buildings with a minimum gross development value of £10 million. These are located mainly in South East England and the inner suburbs of London with good public transport links to the city centre.

Investment Portfolio

Boultbee LDN specialises in shopping centres and retail investment. We will invest in mixed-use schemes and stand-alone retail projects as part of our current focus on development and active asset management. We will be very interested in small-format supermarkets and retail parades in affluent suburbs.

Office Development

We have a successful track record in delivering high-quality, design-led office refurbishments. We avoid the established office markets of London, targeting opportunities in up-and-coming locations where tenant demand is rising, notably from young and fast-growing technology companies.