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Chocks away for Estates Gazette heads and tails prize winner

Monday 22nd December 2014
Chocks away for Estates Gazette heads and tails prize winner Photograph

Matthew Pearson of Telereal Trillium has won a passenger flight in a Spitfire after winning the Heads and Tails game at the 2014 Estates Gazette Awards, a prize donated by Boultbee LDN.

Established by renowned property entrepreneur, Steve Boultbee-Brooks, Boultbee LDN specialises in the acquisition, development and asset management of prime commercial and residential property. Steve is also an intrepid explorer, and, having invested in a Spitfire, created the Boultbee Flight Academy with pilot Matt Jones, with the aim of keeping part of our proud British heritage alive. The Academy has been approved by the CAA (in accordance with AIC 39/2011) to carry out training in the legendary Spitfire aircraft, but most recently, the Flight Academy received CAA approval to fly passengers in Spitfires. As a result, sponsors Boultbee LDN donated a solo flight – worth £2,750.00 – to the Awards, in support of the charity Land Aid.

The event, which took place at the London Hilton, Park Lane on Thursday, 11th December, saw over 900 people take part in a game of “Heads or Tails” in order to raise money for Land Aid, with the coveted Spitfire flight awarded to the game’s winner – Matthew Pearson.

Simon Hosking, Managing Director of Boultbee LDN, comments: “We were happy to donate this fantastic prize to Estates Gazette’s event, which raised nearly £6,000 for Land Aid on the night. It really is an exceptional experience so we look forward to seeing Matthew at the Academy for his flight!”