Maltings, St Albans, Hertfordshire

Category: Retail/Shopping Centres
  • H&M fashion anchor store
  • Wilkinson’s anchor store renewal
  • Top Shop renewal
  • Jamie’s Italian extension
  • £250,000 additional car park income
  • Offices refurbished 100% occupied
  • Service charge reduced by 18%
  • 85 deals over the last 36 months
  • Achieved £100 Zone A

Ranked 107th based on its national retail offer.
28% of its retail offer classified as premium and 50% as mass market.
Spend to space ratio is inline with key premium shopping centres.
58% of the retail catchment population has a household income of >£40k compared to the national average of 33%. 27% have household income greater than £50k, double the national average of 13%.
In the primary catchment, one quarter of the households earn in excess of £50k.

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